Buses From Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Dalat and Vung Tau

Mui Ne is a lovely beach resort town about 5 hours east of Saigon. Famous for its kitesurfing and other watersports, sand dunes, relaxed aptmosphere and great night spots, its definitely worth having on your itinerary. All the onward buses (to Saigon, Nha Trang or Dalat) will collect you from your hotel, stress free! The bus routes, with times and prices are shown in the tables below – just click on the book it link to book your bus ticket!

Mui Ne to Saigon Airport:

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
08:0013:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
10:0015:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
14:0019:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
17:0022:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!

Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon):

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
01:3006:30 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
04:3009:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
07:0012:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
08:0013:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
09:0014:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
11:0016:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
13:0018:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
13:3018:30 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
14:3019:30 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
16:0021:00 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!
18:0022:30 Sleeper Berth $9.00 Book it!

Mui Ne to Nha Trang:

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
01:0006:30 Sleeper Berth $10.00 Book it!
13:3019:00 Sleeper Berth $10.00 Book it!

Mui Ne to Dalat:

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
07:0012:00 Standard Seat $9.00 Book it!
12:3017:30 Standard Seat $9.00 Book it!

Mui Ne to Vung Tau:

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
07:0012:00 Sleeper Berth $12.00 Book it!
12:3017:30 Standard Seat $11.00 Book it!

We’ve been living in Mui Ne for more than twelve years, so that tells you how much we love it! It has maybe the best climate in Vietnam – very little rain, with sunshine and nice cooling breezes most days of the year. The seafood is fantastic, the vibe is friendly and the watersports are awesome – we love the kitesurfing, surfing and SUPing. Apart from seafood, there are dozens of excellent restaurants with all types of cuisine, as well as fantastic little Vietnamese pavement eateries.

In high season, October to March, the Mui Ne night spots are usually going all night – we recommend Pogo, Dragon Beach and Mooneys, although there are plenty of others.

Check out the Kitesurf Nam website for options on Mui Ne hotels and kitesurfing lessons and hire.