Buses Saigon Airport to Mui Ne

It is now possible to get a bus directly from Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) all the way to Mui Ne. The company offering this route is using comfortable 8 seater minibuses going directly from both the international and domestic terminals, with four buses a day. The bus route, with times and prices are shown below – just click on the BOOK IT link to book your bus ticket!

Saigon Airport to Mui Ne:

DepartsArrivesSeat TypePrice (USD) 
08:0013:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
10:0015:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
14:0019:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!
17:0022:00 Standard Seat $15.00 Book it!

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We've been waiting for someone to do direct buses from the airport to Mui Ne and back for years, so we're really pleased to be able to offer this route. Up until now, it was always necessary to get a taxi or local bus from Tan Son Nhat airport into District 1, then take a bus to Mui Ne from there. With this new route, you can actually get on the bus right outside either the domestic or international airport, and get taken all the way to your hotel in Mui Ne - luxury! Although this route costs a little more than the standard Saigon to Mui Ne bus, we think its worth it when you factor in the time and effort saved - and actually cheaper than taking a taxi from Saigon Airport into the city center.

Saigon Airport to Mui Ne Bus
Interior shot of the Saigon Airport to Mui Ne Bus