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We will book the best bus service available on your route, when you want it, take online payment by any credit or debit card, and send your ticket via email - and even same-day bookings are available.

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Why book with us?

We offer the best customer service for bus travel in Vietnam. With WhatsApp and Kakao support, you can reach us any time, with any questions, whenever you need help. We only operate in Vietnam - we are a local, not an international company - and because of that we know more about bus travel in Vietnam than anybody else. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed!

Your Questions Answered

Who are you?

Vietnam Bus Tickets is by operated by Adventure Nam, travel specialists based in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Adventure Nam is owned and operated by European residents in Vietnam. Our office is in Mui Ne, we're experts in Vietnamese travel and we're on hand to help you while you're here on holiday.

How quickly can I get a ticket?

If you book within office hours (7.30am - 5pm) we may be able to get you a bus ticket reservation for the same day - give it a try! You will normally receive your ticket by email within 24 hours of booking - faster for short notice bookings.

Where do I catch the bus?

That depends on where you're leaving from! Also (more seriously), it depends on the bus company, and your route. It will either be from a bus office, or you'll be collected from outside your hotel - if this is the case, you'll be prompted for the hotel name and address at time of booking, so make sure that information is correct when you book your ticket. Once you're booked, we will give you all the information you need to find or meet your bus.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your Vietnam bus ticket online, using any major credit, charge or bank card - we also offer many other payment methods, for example Alipay. Just complete the booking form on the booking page and press Book Now, and we'll collect payment details on the next page.

What are the sleeper buses like?

Generally, brilliant. Pretty comfortable, so much nicer than a standard seated bus, we love them. But if you’re over 6 foot (1.83cm) you won’t be able to fully stretch out. It still beats having your knees sticking in the back of the seat in front of you though.

What are the seated buses like?

Often very comfortable, with quite a bit of recline, and reasonable legroom. But please note the “often” – some routes just don’t have great buses on them, and sometimes the buses need to be small, because the roads are small.

We are now offering limousine buses on several routes, and these are really fabulous - business-class airline style reclining seats, loads of legroom, personal USB chargers, wifi and in some cases even your own "back of the seat" TV screen with entertainment system and headphones. They are a bit more expensive but definitely worth the spend - these limousine VIP buses are our all-time favourites!

We do our best to find our customers the best buses on all routes throughout Vietnam.

I can't find the bus route I want!

Then please contact us with exact details of the bus or route in Vietnam that you're looking for, and we'll do our best to get you the ticket you want.

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