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Sapa Buses

Sapa has several daily buses to and from Hanoi

Sapa is an unmissable town in the far north of Vietnam, surrounded by amazing mountains and hill-tribe villages in the most stunning scenery. The bus routes, with times and prices, are shown in the tables below – just click on the BOOK button to book your bus ticket.

Sapa To Hanoi Schedule

14:30 Sapa
6 hours
20:30 Hanoi
Travel Time: 6 hours
9 seater limousine minibus with comfortable reclining seats and personal USB chargers
$19.70 USD
15:00 Sapa
6 hours
21:00 Hanoi
Travel Time: 6 hours
Soft seat limousine bus with 28 seats.
$17.50 USD

Sapa is a special place to visit - if you get the right weather! We have had wonderful holidays there, enjoying breathtaking views of the mountain scenery and exploring the surrounding countryside on foot and by motorbike. We've also spent a few days there without seeing anything much apart from rain, drizzle, and clouds! The town itself is worth spending a day or two in, just for acclimatisation and shopping - it's great for buying cheap outdoor gear for trekking and hiking, as well as many of the local handicrafts made by the minority people of the surrounding area. You won't spend long in Sapa town until you find yourself being gently persuaded by the Hmong people - dressed in their colourful traditional dress - to buy all manner of clothes and trinkets!

Don't miss the opportunity for eating local dishes while you're there too. The far north is great for food, but our stand-out choice is the Hill Station in Sapa Town, which serves some truly amazing Hmong dishes in a fabulous setting: a beautiful restaurant constructed in wood and stone, with an open fire, and amazing views straight onto Fansipan mountain. You can sit on the floor Hmong style, or opt for a more comfortable (for some) table and chairs. Make sure you try their dried buffalo - perhaps with some local Hmong plum wine. Fabulous! The Hill Station also make a big effort to support the local communities (minority hill tribes), so it is worth supporting them for that reason too.

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